We are a firm of Certified Public Accountants, Corporate Attorneys and Financial Consultants, founded in 1996.

Alberto Rocabert y Compañía offers consulting on audit and assurance, accounting and financial reporting, tax and fiscal litigation, corporate finance and corporate law. Our clients get personal attention towards their solutions in a non-contentious business environment, which leads to stable and long lasting relationships

As members of  CPA Associates International we can deliver service on a global scale.


Professional services that give client’s effective and provable added value

Business advice focused on continuous improvement of financial operations and legal structure.

Greater ability to respond and faster reaction to changes in a client’s operating environment.

Advanced technology equipment and systems.

Business solutions based on win-win strategies that involve our clients, their agents, business allies and local communities.


Create solutions for our clients as Certified Public Accountants, Corporate Attorneys and Financial Consultants by providing advice that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and social responsibility.


Alberto Rocabert y Compañía we want our clients to feel secure, safe and confident, with their business decisions by providing them services and information of the highest caliber.


We see Alberto Rocabert y Compañía as the leading firm in business consulting, audit and assurance, accounting and financial reporting, tax and fiscal litigation, corporate law and finance, with global projection and sustained growth backed by a team of top professionals.


Our goal is to create value:

Turning clients into long-term allies by assisting their growth and success in a globalized environment.

Encourage the career goals of our associates by aiding their professional development, giving them financial security, and creating opportunities for advancement.

Establish long-term mutual interests with our community by generating new opportunities for growth and prosperity.



Operating with values based on truth, respect and loyalty.

We achieve integrity by merging our values and business practices.


Our commitment comes from knowing what needs to be done and how. Promises are met on schedule and responsibly, using every resource available.


Teamwork for us means combining the knowledge and effort of every associate and creating a synergy with our client.


Creating and implementing new methods and business strategies to give clients added value.